Schreuder confirms “Edson Alvarez” wants to enter the lion’s cave

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Ajax boss Alfred Schreuder has confirmed that Edson Alvarez wants to join Chelsea. Euros to grab Alvarez on the last day of the transfer window. But they were rejected by the top clubs from the country. It is

believed that Ajax did not want to release more keys after the sale of Anthony and Lisandro Martinez to Manchester United. Including the loss of Ryan. Gravenbirch and Nusser Mazraoui for Bayern Munich

were also offered on the final day of the transfer window, which led to Ajak. With no time for replacements

, Schreuder admits Alvarez wants a move to Stamford Bridge, but the striker is ready to give his all. After the deal did not happen.

The Blues lodged a €50m bid for Alvarez on the final day of the English transfer window – the Dutch window had already closed – and midfielder even refused to train with his side in an attempt to force through a move.  The UFABET report

Ultimately, Ajax refused to sell Alvarez and Schreuder attempted to move on by starting the Mexico international in Saturday’s 4-0 victory over Cambuur, before which he admitted that Alvarez wanted to leave.

“Chelsea approached Edson Alvarez on the last day and Alvarez wanted this deal.” The UFABET report

“He’s been sad for a day but yesterday he came to me and told me ‘Coach, I’m still here and I’m ready to give 100 per cent again’.

” Let’s try to grab Alvarez again during the winter market.