“Hamilton” says he still doesn’t know Ratcliffe hopes to buy Man Utd

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Sir Lewis Hamilton, famous Formula One player Revealed that he was not aware of Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s desire to take over Manchester United. But admitted he would like to be involved in it.

The Glazer family’s ownership has been an issue that has been attack by United fans for more than a decade. And the opposition has rebounded in recent weeks, with Ratcliffe

expected to be interested in buying the club if Glazer decides to sell. With Hamilton reportedly being involved in the matter.

Hamilton and famous athlete Serena Williams had previously been involved in Martin Broton’s consortium. Which had hoped to take over Chelsea but failed

. It’s unknown whether Ratcliffe will take over United. But admits he would like to be involved in it.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of it. I haven’t spoken to Jim since I was in Namibia. which i need to do Because he goes to Namibia a lot,” he said ahead of the Dutch Grand Prix.  the UFABET report

“Jim is both a boss and a partner. But I would have to say that he seems a bit more a partner. because we do this together And I hope in the future to do something with Jim and create something together.”

“I don’t know what and where it will be. So I still can’t tell. I haven’t called him yet. And asked if involved in that (submission for Manchester United) or not”

“But I want to be involved more because I believe in being held by people of color Which is still not much in the sports industry. Including the equality of people of color that are not enough as well.”