Guardiola says he knows Ange’s hand since managing Yokohama.

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Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola admits that. He respects the skills of Tottenham Hotspur head coach Angel Postecoglou. Since he was in charge of Yokohama Frinos warms up for pre-season with them. Therefore, meeting again in the English Premier League is considered auspicious.

Going back to summer 2019, City defeated Marinos of Postecoglou 3-1. And it was the only smart duel for this pair. Even after 4 years have passed. They are about to clash again at the Etihad Stadium. Emphasizing that everything can happen in the world of football  UFABET

“I’ve only faced him once, three or four seasons ago. When Ange was still in charge of Yokohama.” he said at a press conference ahead of the Spurs meeting (December 3).

“It was our second pre-season game. And then I said to myself wow. This is amazing.” 

“Tell the players – I know you guys aren’t ready but we’re going to face a good opponent. It is considered a challenge, creating more intensity in playing. It is one of the processes of preparing yourself.”

“We won that match, which also respects Yokohama. That’s because we had better strength. But he realized his skill from the first duel with him. Then followed that he went to manage Celtic FC, sweeping many championships. And soon after that I came to stay at Spurs.” 

“Every team plays on the field with the passion of the head coach.” 

“He’s done it in the past in Japan, certainly in Glasgow, for Celtic and now I think he’s made football more attractive to watch. People like Ange for the team.” Guardiola

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