Ange is carefree, Son has been inconsistent for 3 games in a row.

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Tottenham Hotspur head coach Ange Postecoglou is relaxed about the performance of captain Son Heung-min, who has had three clean goals in a row. Until the team loses in a row. It’s not a big problem. Just adjust the rhythm of passing the ball and your name will be guaranteed to be on the scoreboard.

Son holds the record for scoring the most goals for any team in the league at this time with 8 goals. But in three consecutive games the Gunners were unsuccessful. Namely losing to Chelsea 1-4, losing to Wolves 1-2 and losing to Aston Villa 1-2. Which was the match. Recently, he sent the ball into the net three times and they were all offside  ทางเข้า UFABET 

The captain’s point of improvement is the timing of his runs which must be more coordinated with the team.

Speaking at the press conference

“Many things that happened are understandable. There were times last week when we should have come out a little quicker. And the timing with Son will be perfect.” Ange Speaking at the press conference before meeting Manchester City (3 Dec.)

“He is a different type of striker than Harry Kane, who everyone is used to. Each player has slightly different points to navigate.” 

“It is a combination of two things. As we learned, if we release the ball at a fraction of a second faster. It will be just in time. Son has to make adjustments for both the passer and the runner.” 

“But what cannot be denied is that even if he is offside. But still got the final score Also named as a goal scorer That is the hardest part of the game.” 

“You know he has quality. Just adjust the pace of your running. The rest of the team thought about making it a little faster.” 

The 31 -year-old striker has recorded as being the quickest in the league. But was ahead of the game the most at 9 times.