5 techniques for shooting fish, how to get 10,000 baht

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Even the online fish shooting game is easy to play. But it’s still not suitable for the less experienced who doesn’t have a technique strategy. Earn money from fish shooting games and how to shoot fish to get 10,000 money. Let’s follow!

5 techniques to shoot fish, how to get money, have 10,000+ money  

whether you are a beginner Thinking of making money with fish shooting games in your spare time Or want to earn up to 10,000 daily positives? We have techniques that may help fulfill your dreams and increase your chances of success every time you fish! สมัคร UFABET

Technique 1: Accumulate money to invest not less than 3,000 baht. 

Capital is important for fishing. It is very unlikely that you will have up to 10,000 a day if you do not balance with Tens of thousands of goals The reason for the fish shooting game Not every shot will kill the fish. And every bullet counts for money. If the capital is low, it can easily be insolvent. and did not reach profit

must admit that Maybe tens of thousands is a long way for a newbie to fish online. For example, in the case of players who want to add only thousands Or how to shoot fish to get money in the amount of only 1,000 per day, just adjust the rate down. Determine the capital to play fish shooting games to be at least 300 baht and start following the techniques. 

Technique 2: Choose a game with lots of fish!

There are many table games online fish shooting games nowadays. But it will be better if you take the time to choose the best fish shooting game to invest in. because in shooting fish This trick is good for sure. If your screen is full of fish swimming around That would be a better choice for making rewards. A fish shooting game that lasts longer than a group of clown fish swims.

Of course, it’s still easy to choose a target. There are a lot of options during shooting for you to win. And that may be hidden by the game’s jackpot fish! without having to wait that long 

Technique 3: Steal the beat from other fish shooters. 

It’s not easy for the fish to die all at once or blow up a bonus. with a single player Or from your gun alone in fish shooting games, techniques to steal the rhythm of or to shoot with players for shooting games.

Let’s say that a fish uses 25 rounds of ammunition to shoot, which would cost a lot of money for a player to shoot alone. and the risk of having to use more but for taking the fish from other people shooting will reduce costs and give you a faster profit!

Technique 4: Try to shoot first, only 5 – 10 goals. 

If you are new to fish shooting games. definitely not good If you only focus on shooting fish, even if the money is large, there will be plenty of ammunition. But the first time of that room or game, shoot at each one, only 5 – 10, with a cheap price before being good. 

And when it’s profitable, you can try adding more ammunition to shoot. or keep shooting one fish until the fish dies. so that we know will have to pay Or how much ammunition is lost until we get a reward? Usually, the chance of the fish dying is 10-50 balls depending on the gun level. 

*Important : If you shoot any fish more than 50 rounds, the fish will not win the prize. recommend changing goals or find a new game immediately  

Technique 5: Choose Ammunition and Shoot 

How to shoot fish for money, gun selection, ammo level is very important! And there is an interesting function for making money plus 10,000 per day for general fish shooting games. There will be a projectile function for the gambler to choose as follows.

  • Auto Gun : When used if aiming in the middle of the river. Might waste ammo. Recommend aiming the mouse and shooting bounce to the edge and the bullet will jump back and forth. Make it easier to have the right to earn money
  • Lightning/Ice Gun: Great for shooting against mermaids, golden sharks, or game bosses. to make them stand still And then we shot before it swam away.
  • Target lock gun : suitable for every playtime more fish hunting You can choose to lock the most expensive bonus fish at the moment. for accuracy