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“Jones, Williams, Tuanzebe” were moved to the U23 dressing room

The UFABET report that Manchester United trio Phil Jones, Brandon Williams and Axel Tuanzebe have been moved to the U23 dressing room. of the “Red Devils” and believe they are on the list of players who will be sold out in the past summer. But they remain at Old Trafford

 Tuchel confirmed “Kepa” is ready to watch the pole

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel insists Kepa Arrizabalaga Ready for a hundred on the field While the number one goalkeeper Eduard Mendy is in a period of poor form. Once again, Mendy was criticized for his performance. After failing to concede a goal against West Ham United last weekend,

“Glazer” set the selling price of 3.75 billion baht

The UFABET reports that the Glazer family have set a price of around £3.75 billion for Manchester United. And there are rumors a Middle Eastern group may be interested in a takeover. The ownership of the Glazer family’s club. Has been an issue that has been