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Aaron Ramsdale signs new long-term Arsenal contract

Arsenal have confirmed Aaron Ramsdale has signed a new long-term contract with the club. The England international joined the Gunners from Sheffield United two years ago and has become one of the Premier League’s top goalkeepers during his 76 appearances in all competitions for the

That Bull lost ‘Carnacho’ because of poor management.

Alejandro Carnacho ‘s agent Enrique de Lucas has revealed that Spain lost the youngster because of poor management . By playing a total of 3 games , but Carnacho turned to serve the “blue-white” army by playing for the U20 series 4 games, although he

‘Thuram’ says the young lion will always be in his heart

Markus Thuram says Borussia Monchengladbach will always be in his heart. Amid the news that he may leave the club at the end of the season, the 25-year-old has been with “Leo Young” since 2019 and has already made 132 appearances for the team, scoring 44 goals

‘Man Utd’ Firm Jones bid farewell to the team a

Manchester United confirm Phil Jones, English defender will leave the club after the contract expires this summer. The defensive back who used to be a jewel in English football. Joined from Blackburn Rovers in 2011 where he won the Premier League title. League in the following season (2012/13),

Know the format of football betting.

When we want to place a football bet Of course, we must know that How can we place bets? Usually, there are 6 main types of betting patterns as follows. Handicap Betting It is a bet using the result of losing-win. decides the outcome. Of the bet which bets

What is football betting and online football betting?

Football betting is a bet that has existed since the past. Starting from the introduction of live broadcasting of football sports abroad in Thailand in the year 2545 onwards, but football bet in the past was called table football. By placing a bet by writing a message and sending it

5 techniques for shooting fish, how to get 10,000 baht

Even the online fish shooting game is easy to play. But it’s still not suitable for the less experienced who doesn’t have a technique strategy. Earn money from fish shooting games and how to shoot fish to get 10,000 money. Let’s follow! 5 techniques to shoot fish, how to

Techniques for playing fish shooting games without loss

As you know, fish shooting games are in the skill game genre. Where you should have enough skill or technique to play. This game in order to take away those rewards. If you still don’t know how to win fish shooting games. We would like to leave some basic