Types of acne on the back

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For acne on the back There are many types of acne on the face. If you know the type of acne you have It will help you get proper treatment. Types of acne on the back are as follows

Clogged pores or whiteheads

It is caused by a clogged acne head in the pores under the skin.


It is caused by blockage of open pores in the skin. From the reaction of fat and air

Inflamed acne

Red bump type Caused by inflammation of clogged pores. Do not squeeze as this may become infected and leave a wound.

Inflamed acne with pustules

If squeezed or peeled, it may cause dark spots or scars .

Deep, red, inflamed acne

Located under the skin, large, hard, inflamed, and may be painful.

Acne or cysts

The pus is large. It is considered severe acne and is painful.

How to treat acne on the back

As for how to treat back acne, it is similar to other acne treatments, focusing on keeping it clean. And using acne medicine on the back together will help cure acne on the back. It can also be treated with other methods in order to see good results, such as taking acne medication, skin scrubbing, etc. Treating back acne is most effective when you have the discipline to maintain cleanliness. and use various methods of treating acne on the back

Using medicine to treat acne on the back

Treatment of back acne in the form of medicine includes both external application. and how to use oral medicine Using medicine to treat acne on the back must be under the supervision of a doctor and pharmacist. The use of medicine to treat acne on the back using each type of medicine is as follows.


There are many types of medicine used to treat acne on the back. Whether it’s a general acne medicine or products specifically designed to treat back acne. Acne treatment sprays are often available in the form of a back spray so that the medicine can be distributed well across the back. Generally, acne medication can treat acne after 2 weeks. It doesn’t take long. Or you can choose to use topical medicine such as

  • Benzoyl Peroxide: is an acne medication that can fight acne-causing bacteria. And helps reduce excess oil Dirt that causes acne is removed.
  • Salicylic Acid: is a mild acid that helps peel off old skin cells. It prevents blockages in the pores, the source of acne.
  • Resorcinol (sulfur) : is a substance that has the effect of resisting and inhibiting the growth of germs and bacteria that will irritate the facial skin. and can stimulate acne.

But using such topical medicines to treat back acne should be use under the supervision of a dermatologist as each type of medicine is quite harsh on the skin. And each person’s skin condition is different. Especially in people who use the said drug in combination with other drugs. You should consult a doctor to check your skin condition before using the drug. Otherwise, from reducing acne on the back May cause acne on the back to increase instead.