7 cooling foods Balancing summer, easy to buy

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Since March We can feel the air getting warmer. And the increase in outside temperature also contributes to our body being hotter than normal. This can lead to headaches, dizziness, fatigue, constipation, dry skin, etc. Therefore, we should maintain body temperature to avoid these symptoms by choosing to eat cooling foods to reduce heat accumulation within the body. are 7 cooling foods at Choice, we would like to recommend it because it is easy to buy, affordable, and good for the body during this summer.


The summer fruit that we often think of. And is commonly sold in the market. For eating watermelon, if eaten cold. It is another good way to help cool down. There are also many menus that we can use watermelon for cooking. such as watermelon smoothie Eat watermelon with ice cream, watermelon bingsu, watermelon and dried fish, etc.

Dragon fruit

is another healthy fruit that is suitable to eat in the summer. Especially if refrigerated, it will increase the freshness. In addition to dragon fruit helping to balance the body during the summer, Dragon fruit is also a fruit that has many properties because it is high in fiber which helps with drainage. Also, the tiny black seeds Inside the dragon fruit is also rich in unsaturated fats that help resist oxidation and help delay aging.

Chrysanthemum and Chamomile Juice, Doi Kham Brand, no sugar added formula, cooling herbal 

drink is another way to help cool the body. And it’s also easy to find and buy. It’s an alternative for anyone who isn’t good at eating fruit. or cold vegetables Chrysanthemum juice is already refreshing for the body. But this recipe is recommend because it does not add sugar. But uses sweeteners instead of sugar, so it is suitable for those who are concerned about their health.

There is also a mixture of chamomile water which, by its properties, can help with many other things, especially making you sleep comfortably and relax. You can actually eat it chilled or mix in a little ice. The sweet chrysanthemum flavor has a light aroma. You may feel a slight bitter taste in your throat. But it’s not bitter enough to keep eating. It will be sweet and easy to eat. It can also be easily purchase at convenience stores. Or various supermarkets, the price is not expensive. When buying, the price was reduce to 27 baht per box.

Bael juice Zweet Herb 

is another drink menu. I would recommend drinking it during the summer to quench your thirst and relieve the heat. Plus it gives freshness. Another thing that makes bael fruit juice so pleasing is its aroma. Zweet Herb’s recommended bael fruit juice is suitable for people who are health conscious because it does not contain sugar. No preservatives are used, no flavor added, no color added. And it also provides only 25 kilocalories of energy. Drink and feel refreshed immediately. Can be purchased at general supermarkets, priced at 41 baht per bottle.

Aloe vera drink mixed with pandan juice, Aloe Thai brand. 

When talking about aloe vera, many people may feel inconvenient to consume it even though Aloe vera is a cooling medicinal plant. Therefore, it is recommended to use aloe vera drink mix with pandan juice instead. Because it’s probably easier to drink. In addition, pandan juice itself is a cooling herbal juice. When mixed with aloe vera, they become good things together. Even though this brand does contain added sugar, it’s less than many others. http://ufabet999.app The brand that sells it tastes even better if you drink it mix with ice. and get the soft and crunchy texture of aloe vera as well. Can be purchased at general supermarkets, priced at 25 baht per bottle.


a type of vegetable that is used for cooking. Or eat it as fresh vegetables. It may also be boiled. Or boiled and eaten with chili paste. Gourd is also used to cook in various curries such as clear soup, liang curry, pork blood soup. Or in noodle dishes, gourd is also used as an ingredient.


The outstanding properties of cucumber are that it is a plant that has properties that help relieve thirst. Reduce body heat, making the body refreshed. And also helps increase moisture Therefore, if we are going to eat cucumbers which can be made both fresh and with chili paste Or use it to cook food like cucumber salad and Chinese sausage. Cucumber salad with canned fish Stuffed Cucumber Soup, Cucumber Salad, Stir-Fried Cucumber with Egg

In addition to the cooling foods that have been cited as examples. There are also many fruits and vegetables that have a cooling effect, such as rose apple, mangosteen, cantaloupe, melon, gourd, squash, blackberry, horseradish, and okra. Herbal juices also There is Centella asiatica juice and lotus root juice that we can take to lower the temperature in the body.