How to wash your hair to stop hair loss

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Washing your hair is another factor that causes hair loss. which is another problem that bothers many people but when I still have to wash I had to find a way to wash my hair properly. to stop the problem of hair loss

Normally, people will lose about 30-70 strands of hair per day. When shampooing, it can cause hair loss up to 200 strands ever.ทางเข้า

Pools like this, I leave.

pool every day

Washing your hair every day can dry out your scalp and cause dandruff. and the more dry the scalp It will produce more oil. make my hair slippery The loop can cause more hair loss than usual. 

Wash your hair with warm water.

washing hair with warm water Not only will the scalp dry out. also makes my hair dry The amount of oil that coats the hair’s surface causes dryness, split ends and eventually hair loss.

Go to the pool, go to the scratch 

Many people are addicted to scratching their scalp when washing their hair. The more you scratch, the more fun it is. Like that, in addition to not helping to benefit. May cause the scalp to become infected. and patchy hair loss 

Apply the shampoo directly onto the strands.

causing the hair to receive chemicals from the shampoo directly which may be so severe as to result in hair loss problems Squeezing the shampoo directly onto your hair can cause chemical residue. become a problem unconscious hair loss

Better change to this pool

Wash your hair every other day

to maintain oil on the scalp to remain This will reduce the problem of dandruff. and helps to have oil coating on the hair strengthen the hair 

Choose the right shampoo 

Choosing the right shampoo is essential. Especially those who have hair loss problems. Avoid shampoos that contain SLS, a foaming substance. This substance may cause allergic reactions. It irritates the scalp until the hair falls out.

In summer, choose to use shampoo that reduces oiliness. and prevent the occurrence of fungi Because it’s the season where a lot of sweat is sweating. may cause humidity 

People with dry hair choose a shampoo that focuses on moisturizing the hair. 

Use the right amount of medicated shampoo. When the problem can be treated The use of medicated shampoo should be reduced. 

use conditioner on hair

Hair conditioner is responsible for increasing the softness of the hair. make me not tangle The main ingredient of hair conditioner is usually silicone. Therefore, conditioner should be used only on the ends of the hair. because if used close to the scalp May cause pores to become clogged. sends hair to patchy hair loss